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Edition November 2017. Edited by IPA-IAC

Dated 01-11-2017

Dear IPA friends

Please find below a link to the November edition of our IPA Newsletter.
From now onwards, we are pleased to be able to offer the Newsletter as a flipbook:

Once opened, you will not only be able to enjoy reading the current Newsletter edition, but you will also be able to use a number of tools (features) at the top, so that you can make the most of the publication. By using these tools, you can:

·         Download a pdf-version of the flipbook
·         Print the Newsletter
·         Share it with others via email and social media
·         Search the document by entering key words
·         Look in the archive to discover previous issues (we’ll build up a library over time)
·         Bookmark or thumbnail pages
·         Translate pages of the Newsletter (with google translate) into a wide range of languages
·         Choose to view the publication full-screen
·         Click on the 3 dots at the end, which will lead you to a clipping tool, enabling you to select and clip a part of the text for either printing or saving

The flipbook version of the Newsletter has also been optimised for tablet and mobile devices.

If you require a Word version of the Newsletter for any reason, please email the IAC, and we can arrange this for you.

To share the Newsletter with your members, all you have to do is forward the link to them.

I hope you like this new way of sharing our IPA Newsletter with you – apart from a few little challenges along the way, I have certainly enjoyed learning all about it J

Enjoy and let me know what you think !

Kind regards,

Office Manager
IPA International Administration Centre



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