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1st IPA Nis–Karditsa Friendship Cup & Trip to the Dalmatian coast

IPA Greece Karditsa region has had an active summer!

Dated 06-09-2017

1st IPA Niš – IPA Karditsa Friendship Cup

The first annual IPA Niš – IPA Karditsa Friendship Cup took place recently, as a result of a deep-rooted friendship between the two IPA regions of Niš (Serbia) and Karditsa (Greece).
The story began with a visit of IPA Karditsa to Serbia in 2016, during which the members of the two regions shared many memorable moments. The visit to Serbia was deemed so successful that the colleagues of both countries agreed to organise a sports event that would contribute towards a long-lasting friendship.
This initiative will take place annually, with the locations alternating between Niš and Karditsa, and started in Niš in 2017 with two teams from each country participating in the event over a two-day period. The choice of sport will be decided each year, with possibilities including popular sports such as football and basketball. Ultimately, the decision will be taken by the organisers each year.
During the first tournament, football was the chosen sport, and the four participating teams were IPA Police and Gendarmerie from Niš, Serbia and IPA and Firemen from Karditsa, Greece. The winners of the first-day matches were IPA Karditsa (against IPA Niš Police) and Gendarmerie (against the Firemen of Karditsa). The Gendarmerie emerged as the victorious team of the second day and established themselves as the first overall winner of the IPA Niš – IPA Karditsa Friendship Cup,
winning the match 1-0 with a last minute goal. IPA Nis Police came 3rd, also winning by 1-0 against the Firemen of Karditsa.
During the four-day trip to Serbia, the members of IPA Karditsa had the chance to visit the beautiful city of Niš, guided by their friendly Serbian colleagues. They also visited the capital city of Belgrade. The hospitality certainly lived up to the famous standards of the Serbian nation, creating everlasting memories.
The 2018 event is already eagerly anticipated and will take place in Karditsa.
One more thing: ... the twinning of the two regions is already underway ... showing that it’s not all about the sports after all!
See you in Karditsa braća!

Trip to the Dalmatian coast

IPA Karditsa members and friends recently enjoyed a memorable trip to the fabulous Dalmatian Coast. This is a part of the IPA Karditsa annual visits to neighboring countries.
The first stop was the historic city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, with the old city being the highlight of our trip. The Secretary General of the local IPA region, Mr. Vlaho Lujo, did an excellent job arranging our itinerary in the best possible way, in order to make our visit both comfortable and informative. During our stay in Dubrovnik the members and friends of IPA Karditsa had the chance to visit surrounding attractions, such as Ston, where we received a warm welcome from the local Police Commander Ante Beader. IPA Dubrovnik had arranged a delicious dinner, during which we were presented with a Croatian Police uniform, now gracing the Police Museum of Karditsa.
The second and final part of the trip took place in Montenegro. After a short stay in the incredible Kotor we visited Budva, a city well-known for its busy nightlife during the summer months. A night out made clear to us the reasons why.
Finally before making our way back to Greece we paid a short visit to the famous resort of Sveti Stefan. To our surprise we discovered that the owner of a restaurant just opposite the main
resort, Mr Fanis Stathis, was originally from Karditsa! Mr Stathis’ feelings of joy to meet us were there to be seen!!!
In summary the trip was deemed a big success by all participants. ‘The proof is in the pudding’ as they say so the plans for next year’s trip are already underway!

‘Servo per amikeco’
Kyriakos Karkalis, Head of International Relations IPA Greece



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