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New National President

Dated 05-09-2017

Three, which seem to me very quick years, have elapsed since I was first elected as President of Section UK where the National Executive (NEC) and I set out our National Strategy of ‘Next Steps’ to take the Section forward to ensure we have A VIBRANT IPA here in the United Kingdom.
I thought it appropriate to explain what we have tried to achieve in the three years that have just passed and what we seek to achieve in the years ahead.
The ‘Next Steps Strategy’ in 2014 sought to build upon previous strategies which had shown some notable successes, but equally the aim was to address some areas where the strategies had not delivered long term sustainable benefit.
With the newly elected NEC now on four years terms, it is essential that the new Four-by-Four Strategy covers not only this term but the presidential terms ahead so that Section UK has a clear direction and sense of where it is going, in order to improve, be successful and maintain its place at the forefront of the IPA world.
As a brief reminder, the ‘Next Steps’ Strategy entailed the following:

  1. A balanced budget utilising finances for member activity
  2. Merge branches where needed in order to maintain identity and aim to have a foothold in each Police area.
  3. Recruit more members from the wider ‘Police Family’ increasing overall member numbers ensuring we maximise retainment.
  4. Increase events and establish ‘iconic’ events under the social, cultural and professional portfolio’s each year.
  5. Identify a new ‘key’ benefit for members each year.
  6. Incomegeneration–maximise the opportunities available.
  7. Support our staff at HQ on all matters to deliver what our members request of them.
  8. Internationally, to maintain our strong links, sharing best practice and be visible.

Any overall National Strategy needs to be underpinned and supported by a number of other documents which detail how the Strategy’s work streams are to be achieved.
A number of these important documents have already been put in place over the last three years.
Traditionally the NEC Strategy in the UK has been divided into the four the key areas of Communications, Finance, Membership and Structure but will now include a fifth, Partnerships.
The Four-by-Four National Strategy, whilst highlighting the key areas of business, will aim to sustain this momentum across the short, medium and long term until at least 2033. It is not a wish list, but should be seen as an ambition to achieve.
Finally I just want to say a big thank you once again to all the members in Section UK for allowing me to be their President over the last three years and I look forward to working together with them and our international IPA friends worldwide over the next four-year term. To be re-elected as Section UK’s President Number 10 is an honour and a privilege.
Until next time, have fun and keep safe, enjoying your IPA activity wherever you are.

Yours in Friendship
Mick Luke
Proud to be President of Section UK


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