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Stop Violence Against Police Officers

May-Britt Rinaldo, Chair of the Professional Commission

Dated 27-02-2017

IBZ Gimborn offers over 30 seminars to IPA members and police staff each year. All seminars are organised at Gimborn castle in Germany. When looking for seminars in the programme for 2017, please note that the country flags represent the language/s each seminar is conducted in. If the seminar is bilingual, simultaneous translation between the two languages will be provided for your convenience.

From 27 November to 1 December 2017, the seminar ‘Violence against Police Officers and Other Representatives of the State’ will examine if there is a new type of violence against police officers and state representatives. Do members of staff in the police forces, in public service or in schools have to serve as punching bags for those who feel disadvantaged and marginalised? Are extremists of all sorts happy to execute violence against state representatives? The seminar deals with current developments, presents attempts of explanation and looks at preventive and restrictive measures to fight against violence. It is supported by the Chair of the Professional Commission. To apply, please follow the link:

The Diversion Center, headquartered in Marietta, GA, USA has recently begun to offer de-escalation training for police and correctional officers, and they offer an affordable, online option that I think many police departments around the world would be interested in investing in for their officers as a preemptive measure to protect their officers, citizens, and improve public relations, especially with the recent incidents of police brutality in the past few years. Please visit their website at
May-Britt Rinaldo, Chair of the Professional Commission


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