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Word of Introduction November 2016

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President

Dated 06-10-2016

When friendship rhymes with efficiency! A few weeks ago, I attended the National Congress of section IPA Romania. They were also celebrating their 20th anniversary, and I had the chance to meet the 2 founders in person. You can see them in the photo, and I felt as if I was in seventh heaven! Imagine: two generals, one 4-star and one 3-star! In 20 years, Section Romania managed to go from scratch to a membership of 45'000 members! Quite impressive, as you don’t manage to achieve such an increase by chance! Today, when it seems so hard for so many to increase their membership, to interest young policemen to join, to keep the current members to remain within the association, the question could be: How do they manage this in Romania? I am tempted to say: They do everything right! I don’t intend to explain in detail how they function, and I would let the national President of IPA Romania elaborate on this, as it would be more accurate, but in a few words, I would say: they have strong management both at national and regional level, supported by a very efficient administrative centre. They focus on development and projects and offer a lot to their members in all areas: social, cultural and professional. In addition, they also offer a lot of opportunities related to contracts and other advantages, organised by the people in charge. IPA Romania has good support from the authorities as the heads of the section are in close relation to them, and additionally, they have a very well-functioning network. To be a member of the IPA is an opportunity, an open door to a real international partnership. The people in charge are mostly serving police officers and not retired, therefore the connections are alive and there is no generation gap. I could go on... Of course, nobody and nothing is perfect, but I just wish to point out that the figures by themselves show that it works. So I encourage those who are in doubt to share best practice and to get in touch with our friends from Romania, where friendship rhymes with efficiency. Thank you IPA Romania, and once more happy anniversary.

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President

Picture: In seventh heaven, between the 7 stars of the 2 founders of IPA Romania, Generals Ioan Hurdubaie (left), and the current president of IPA Romania Costic─â Voicu (right)


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