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IEB - International Executive Board

The International Executive Board (IEB) are IPA members who are elected by delegates at the IPA World Congress for a period of four years.

The IEB is responsible for the management of the Association and for implementation of decisions taken by the International Executive Council (IEC). The IEB have the power to act on behalf of the IEC in any matter requiring immediate action.

Meetings of the IEB take place at least once a year to review the administration of the Association. These meetings are hosted by National IPA Sections.

Whilst all of the International Executive Board are members of the IPA they undertake their duties independently of the interests of their own National Section and for the exclusive good of the Association.

Pierre-Martin MOULIN, Gal SHARON, Georgios KATSAROPOULOS, Alexei GANKIN,
Stephen CROCKARD, Romain MINY, Wolfgang GABRUTSCH and May-Britt RINALDO

The IEB is composed of:

International President
International Vice-President & Chairman of International Social Cultural Commission 
International Secretary General
Chairman International External Relationship Commission
Chairman International Professional Commission
Head of Administration
International Treasurer Finance
International Treasurer Social

IEB members may be re-elected at a World Congress at the end of their four year term.

Maintained by the IEB, Nottingham is the home of the International Administration Centre. From here the staff liaise with the International Secretary General and the IEB as well as with National Sections from all parts of the globe.



Pierre-Martin MOULIN (Switzerland)


New term, new team: new strategy?
I don’t think so, but I would say new development for certain. With the support of the International Executive Council, our supreme body, we have worked hard over the last three years to ‘refresh’ the IPA house in the following fields: structures - official documents - communication and working processes.
Our work is not over yet and we believe that the IEC has entrusted us to continue in the same direction. Together with the International Executive Board, the IAC staff, our webmaster and our internal auditors, we will define a strategic plan, based on our fundamental values and our motto ‘Servo per Amikeco’. I am positive that it will ensure a sound development of the IPA, including welcoming new sections, helping sections in difficulties, as well as enhancing the recognition of the IPA at all levels - both within and outside of the police - in social, cultural and professional fields.
The International Police Association is more than an association. It is simply a way of life dedicated to our motto ‘Service through Friendship’. ‘Servo’ will be defined by our quality management and ‘Amikeco’ will be ensured by all of us working hard together.
Everyone is needed for the good of the IPA and as quoted in our statutes, without distinction as to rank/position, gender, race, language or religion.
Servo per Amikeco!


Secretary General

Georgios KATSAROPOULOS  (Greece)


Dear IPA friends,
I would like to take a minute, not to ask you for anything, but simply to say that I am very honoured and happy to have been re-elected as Secretary General of our Association. In addition, I thank you for your trust and support.
Whenever I say ‘I thank you’ and ‘I like IPA’, I don’t say it out of habit or to make conversation. I say it to remind you that your friendship, trust and support is the best thing that ever happened to me.
I would like to assure you that throughout this term, I'll continue along the same lines.  I believe in a forward-looking and transparent Association which puts friendship and its members first.  The project ‘IPA Tomorrow’ is up and running, and I’ll follow up the new aspects which will lead the IPA in a professional manner, along proven principles and by effective management.
I can guarantee you that I will make every effort not to disappoint you in the future and that I will fulfil the IPA’s ideas and goals. I will continue to act in the new term as I have up to now: as a hard worker, experienced in dealing with IPA matters and in the spirit of our motto “Servo Per Amikeco”.
Thank you 

Chairperson External Relations Commission

Alexei GANKIN  (Russia)


Dear friends,
It goes without saying that I am very honoured and pleased to be here for the first time, but at the same time I am a bit anxious as well. This is because this is the place where our association was founded and where you can sense the spirit of it, the spirit of friendship and of mutual assistance.
The immediate sensation of happiness of being elected as an IEB member, as mentioned by our president Pierre-Martin Moulin during the Limassol congress, passed a while ago and the difficult, but at the same time challenging and exciting work, has begun with achieving the goals, which were set for us by the delegates and by ourselves at the congress in Cyprus. 
This is especially pertinent now, when the world is facing serious threats to its existence, when the world is full of conflict and there are feelings of mutual distrust, hatred and anger between people. Organisations such as the IPA should speak out to protect peace, kindness, friendship and justice that cannot be achieved through politics or war, but by means of positive actions and projects that aim to build new relationships between nations. Through professional organisations like us, which create the right conditions for partnerships between all interested international institutions that are in charge of fighting international crime, and increasing the level of professionalism and exchange of experience.
For these reasons, I am sure that we can create a solid ground for mutual co-operation enabling us to move forward.
Thank you!

Chairperson Professional Commission (IPC)
IEB Representative for IBZ Gimborn

May-Britt RINALDO (Sweden)


Dear friends,
I am honoured to represent the IPA as the Chairperson of the Professional Commission and am looking forward to four productive years together with the members of the International Executive Board 2015 – 2019.
I will embody transparency, commitment and humanity when setting the Professional Commission’s guidelines and goals. Members of the IPC will be selected on a temporary basis, enabling them to use their skills and talents for professional topics to be developed or to aid with research. They will support me in protecting, maintaining and developing the good co-operation already established with IBZ Gimborn and other organisations. We will promote the Arthur Troop Scholarship and the Young Police Officers’ Seminar to encourage more involvement of existing, new and younger members.
In an effort to inspire Sections to share professional best practice, I will involve and challenge you all to participate in the identification of international events and seminars where the IPA can be promoted, with the aim of increasing awareness of our friendship organisation as an association providing opportunities for professional development.
The IPC will be present on social media, such as Facebook, with the aim of reaching a larger audience and endorsing our professional values. New connections will be built and new partners will be identified in order to strengthen the professional pillar of the IPA.
In friendship we meet and in peace we go. 

Chairperson Socio-Cultural Commission (CISCC)
Vice President

Gal SHARON (Israel)


Dear friends
I would like to thank you for electing me as Chairperson of the ISCC and Vice President.
In my point of view, leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. I have done this over the last two terms as Chairperson of the ISC, and I will restart with a new challenge within the ISCC and as Vice President.
My first responsibility within the ISCC will be to define reality. The last will be to say thank you. In between, I am at your service.
Continuing on the same path as I have done while leading the ISC, our main goal as a team will be to maintain close contact with all sections, as well as to promote, assist, initiate, change, and set out new targets, in order to contribute to the efforts of every section and every IPA member.
Our major task, as I see it, is to lead and make a change; not necessarily   taking sections where they want to go, but ought to be.
As we look ahead into the future of the IPA, we need a leadership that will not just tell us what to do, but a leadership which empowers the national sections and their boards.
Effective leadership means putting first things first. Effective management means discipline, implementing goals. As all of you will know, I do not like slogans, but prefer actions. Therefore we will act together for the benefit of the IPA and our members.

Head of Administration

Stephen CROCKARD (United Kingdom)


Dear IPA Friends,
I am honoured to have been returned to the IEB for a third term and I value your support and cooperation. Much has changed since I joined the board in terms of improvements in IT, the web and social media and this will surely continue to improve and expand. I have a fine team in the IAC and webmaster, and together we shall strive to offer the best service and advice on administrative matters to sections and members

Treasurer Finances

Romain MINY (Luxembourg)


At the last elections for the IEB in Cyprus, the delegates put their trust in me by electing me as ‘Treasurer Finances’. While the areas of responsibility for the ‘Treasurer Finances’ and ‘Treasurer Social Affairs’ have now been clearly defined, our cooperation will remain as close as it has been in the past. Both of us will continue to have joint responsibility for the International Treasury.
We informed you about our financial strategy plan during our congress in Limassol. A decrease in membership impacts directly on our income, and we will therefore have to jointly endeavour to implement our strategy plan in order to continue with our international IPA work. In the full knowledge that this is not an easy task, I nevertheless know that we will have to find a solution. I thank you in advance for your support.

Treasurer Social Affairs

Wolfgang GABRUTSCH (Austria)


The past term was characterised by the project ‚IPA Tomorrow‘ and proved exciting from the point of view of the International Treasury. The position of the Assistant International Treasurer was allocated with specific tasks and renamed as ‘Treasurer Social Affairs‘.
The Treasurer Finances and I will continue to take good care of the IPA’s finances. During the World Congress in Limassol, we introduced the financial strategy of the IEB, and I will now work towards ensuring that this strategy is filled with life.




Andrea QUATTRINI (Switzerland)




Michael WALSH (Ireland)


Demetri DEMETRIOUS (Cyprus)


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