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What is the IPA?

The International Police Association is an independent body made up of members of the police service, whether on active duty or retired, and without distinction as to rank, sex, race, colour, language or religion.  Its purpose is to create bonds of friendship and to promote international co-operation.


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It is committed to the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations in 1948.  Its aims include the development of cultural relations amongst its members, a broadening of their general knowledge, and an exchange of professional experience;  in addition, it seeks to foster mutual help in the social sphere and to contribute, within the limits of its possibilities, to peaceful co-existence between peoples and to the preservation of world peace. 

Membership of the International Police Association is open to serving and retired policemen and women of all ages.  Each member country (IPA Section) is permitted to apply its own criteria for membership as to who can or cannot be regarded as a police officer for the purpose of membership.  Each Section also determines its own membership fees. 

How do I join ?

To become a member, using the pop-up menu, go to the ‘National Sections – Email and Internet’ page of this site (or click here).  If your country is listed, simply click on the e-mail address and request information about joining.  Please include you name, address and police service status. 

If your country does not show an e-mail address, or you experience other connection difficulties, then please send your message to to receive alternative contact information. If your country is not listed, this means the IPA does not have a Section in your country.  However, you may be able to join as a ‘Foreign Associate Member’ of an existing Section.  Here you have a choice.

You may apply to any country from the list on the ‘National Sections – Email and Internet’ page or you can e-mail for details of a suitable Section, contact details and membership fees.

Undecided, then please e-mail with any questions you may have. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Members in seminar at IPA's Educational centre, Gimborn

Young Police Officers from Europe, America and Australia meet at World Congress in Dublin, 2005



Andorra 170
Argentina 182
Australia 2280
Austria 31649
Belgium 7903
Bosnia & Herzegovina 576
Botswana 850
Brazil 750
Bulgaria 3600
Canada 1499
Croatia 8239
Cyprus 4440
Czech Republic 3341
Denmark 9439
Estonia 258
Finland 3025
France 2500
Gabon 475
Germany 57136
Gibraltar 220
Greece 11102
Hong Kong  737
Hungary 3515
Iceland 450
Ireland 6298
Israel 21788
Italy 12500
Japan 380
Kenya 176
Latvia 346
Lesotho 400
Lithuania 3500
Luxembourg 1666
Macau SAR 703
Malta 229
Mauritius 300
Mexico 700
Moldova 1208
Monaco 145
Mozambique 736
Netherlands 6743
New Zealand 915
Norway 2530
Pakistan 312
Peru 1100
Poland 9300
Portugal 4164
Romania 58289
Russian Federation 10000
San Marino 158
Serbia 2207
Slovakia 7267
Slovenia 8890
South Africa 3542
Spain 11828
Sri Lanka 1128
Swaziland 919
Sweden 8149
Switzerland 16133
Turkey 17875
Ukraine 7712
United Kingdom 8965
USA 5562
TOTAL 399099
Source IIC Statistics 2012 
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