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SCC - Social-Cultural Commission


SCC Members 

- Adv Gal SHARON (Israel) - Chairperson

- Zina GANTCHEVA (Bulgaria) Travel and hosting
- Anabela ALFERES (Portugal) Special projects
- Denis NADEAU (Canada) Recruitment & Liaison officer to sections
- Vossie VOS (S.A) IPA Houses and other accommodations"
- Dr. Eran ISRAEL (Israel) SCC Secretary & Media
- Manel CASTELLVI (Spain) International Youth Gathering
- Vytautas PILISKUS (Lithuania) Sports and IPA games
- Kyriakos KARKALOIS (Hellas) International Social activities
- Kikis PERICLOUS (Cyprus) Video, photo & website contests
- Marjan PRAH-PODBORSKI (Slovenia) IPA heritage and history
- Denis DUNNE (Ireland) Hobbies

Gal SHARON (Chairman - ISC)


The ISCC work plane and goals for 2015-2019 

The main goal of ISCC will be to maintain close contact with all section to lead co-operation, promote, assist, initiate, change, and set out new targets to contribute to every section and every IPA member.
The ISCC is a new commission, but rely on two previous commissions: ISC and ICC.
Our major task is to lead and make a change, not necessarily taking sections where they want to go, but ought to be.
The ISCC will empower the sections and the national IPA leadership by initiating international co-operation between sections and within the sections in issues related to social and cultural activities:

IPA houses and other accommodations by Vossie vos. (S.A).  We want that until June 2016 we will have a complete and accurate list of IPA hoses and "Other accommodations" that will be published in the International website and in all national ones. Since it is a dynamic issue, Vossie will be responsible to update the webmaster Andi and the IAC. Vossie also will be the one who will authorize IPA houses according to the rule. In S.A we have some of the best IPA houses and the experience will assist internationally.

Hosting and travel by Zina Ganttcheva.(Bulgaria) . The ISC held an international survey and recommended on changes in the travel form and the procedure. This is one of the major tasks of IPA internationally. We will need to monitor the implementation of the procedure, use of the form and assist sections in making travel and hosting easy for IPA members.

International youth gathering by Manel Castellvi. (Spain). Manel is dealing with the IYG for many years in the ICC and his experience and knowledge is unique. Last year he led the IYG in Spain, with great success. Manel will continue to lead the project . 

Media, social media and commission secretary by Dr. Eran Israel (Israel). Eran will be responsible for the media and all the information that will go in and out of ISCC, including the correspondence with IAC.

Sports and IPA games by Vytautas Piluskus. (Lithuania). This is one of the major activities in IPA and the most appealing to young police officers. We will assist sections in initiating international games and activities. In this term of ISCC we will start with the IPA GAMES. We have some options that we will check in 2016 and we hope to start with the games in 2017.

Initiating International social activities by Kyriakos Karkalis. (Hellas). The major activity in IPA is the social one. We want to use the social activities for international co-operation and collaboration. Kyriakos has lot experience in big international events and we want to use his and the Hellas section knowledge in this issue internationally.

Video, photo, websites awards, by Kikis Pericleous. (Cyprus). We will continue with it and use the expertise of our ISCC members. We will initiate 2 photo contest in the term and 1 Video contests and web site award each year:- 2016 website ward.

- 2017 photo contest and website award.
- 2018 video contest and website award.
- 2019 photo contest and website award.
Special projects by Anabela Alferes. (Portugal). The ICC initiated beautiful and important projects like an international cookbook. Social and cultural fields has many possible initiatives. We will examine the possibilities and will recommend new initiatives that will interest the sections.
Projects regarding recruiting young police officers and liaison officer to sections by Denis Nadeau.(Canada). We have found out in the ISC that some of the major social projects are appealing to young police officers, like sports, WPFG, EPFG, travel and hosting, IPA houses and other accommodations. Initiating Recruiting of young police officers is one of the major goals of IPA internationally and we want to use these activities, and much more, to assist sections in recruiting operations.
Denis will also deal with IPA sections of interest that are under my responsibility.  Andorra, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Israel, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, USA.
As you see all this sections are part of the ISCC, except USA and Andorra.
Denis will be our liaison officer to this sections.
IPA heritage by Dr.Humerto Garcia Gomez  . (Mexico). We want to translate the IPA history to Spanish and use Humberto Expertise for that. We also want to start a history project that can start in a digital version and if we will find a budget and participation of the sections, in a printed version.
Hobbies by Denis Dunne. (Ireland). In IPA we have lot of friends who are dealing with hobbies like: collectors of police items, There are collectors of police items, police badges, emblems collectors, police caps. There are radio enthusiasts, collectors of Models of police cars and many other issues. We want to create an international co-operation and create a virtual town square in which it will be possible to meet, swap items, share collections and models, including the possibility of producing a gathering.

Looking into the future

As we look into the future of IPA we can assume that the future rely on the ability to recruit young police officers and maintain close relationship with each national police. The ISCC will empower projects and issues that will contribute to the efforts to reach young police officers, especially in social activities, sports, hosting, travel and social media.
To maintain close and personal contact with each section, the ISCC will appoint one commission member to liaise nine sections that are under the interest of the chairperson of the ISCC. That way the sections will be in contact with the ISCC and with the professional commission member. 
The success of the commission will rely on close contact with all sections and we hope to be able to reach out and touch every section and IPA member.




International Photography Competition 2017


International Video Competition


Photo Competition

Hosted by the Cyprus Section on behalf of the International Social and Cultural Commission of the International Police Association

Open Category
a) Any photographic subject or topic.

Subject Category
b) Police at work.

A prize of.400 Euro will be awarded to the overall winner.  300 Euro will be given to the winner of each Category, with second and third placing awards.

Professional photographers.                        

- Last Date for Entries: 1 March 2017
- Selection: 1 June 2017
- Notification Sent by: 1 July 2017

First Showing will be done in the world congress in Bulgaria 2017.  A total of 50 images will be selected and will be sent to Bulgaria for mounting and hanging for an International Exhibition. The photographs will be offered to other sections for holding a similar exhibition. Each section will have a disc on key with the best 50 images.


Download the following document for more information:



Video Competition

The aim of the competition: collecting materials from all sections around the world and create an international movie data bank . With the videos we will produce an international IPA film that will show the activity around the world.
The intended outcome of the project is to obtain high quality video from a wide variety of Sections, and then take selected parts of the competition videos to produce an information video about the IPA that can be distributed to all of the Sections as a promotional and recruiting aid, and placed on the IAC website and all National one.
The content will have an introduction of the country, and then a segment on the police and another segment on the Section IPA members and events. 
The IPA Video Competition has been launched in 2016 in the World congress N.Z to conclude at the 2018 World Congress. This project needs to be announced early to allow Sections time to obtain the video footage from events being held within their countries in order to prepare their formal competition entry.

The aim of the competition: collecting materials from all sections around the world and create an international movie data bank . With the videos we will produce an international IPA film that will show the activity around the world.

Each section that wants to enter the competition requires sending a video which will show:
1. IPA activity in the section.
2. The national police.
3. The country, landscapes.
4. The people/folklore.

The competition will be announced in World congress N.Z 2016.
The dead line for sending video films will be: 1.3.2018.

The video will be sent to:
Or by post at P.O.B. 57383 LIMASSOL CYPRUS

There would be three cash awards as well as merit awards.  The cash awards will be split as 400 Euro, 300 CHF and 200 Euro.

The video will be send on a digital media:  MP4, or any other digital media.


Download the document for more information:

 International Video Competition




SCC Report WC 2016
Report ISC Liaison Officers Seminar 2015 Cyprus
IPA members who enjoyed the hospitality of an IPA house or other accommodation
ISC IPA Sport Trophy 2012 IEC Copenhagen - Powerpoint Presentation - E - pdf
ISC Report 2012 IEC Copenhagen - E - pdf
ISC Report 2012 IEC Copenhagen - Powerpoint Presentation - E - pdf
ISC Synopsis 2012 IEC Copenhagen - E - pdf
ISC presentation 2012-2015



ISC meeting in Jesolo 2013 (Italy)


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