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Membership pursuits


Numerous activities and projects are enjoyed by members locally, nationally and internationally ....

International Travel Forms are exchanged between Sections for members or groups of members wanting information, contact with other members or sometimes hosting, when travelling abroad.

Friendship Weeks, Sports Events and Anniversary Celebrations with social and cultural flavours are held regularly, both nationally and internationally.

Professional Study/Exchange or Travel Scholarships are encouraged in many Sections and are sometimes available to those seeking professional exchanges.

Hobbies Groups, which vary from Section to Section, allow members to share their interests with other like-minded people. For example, Radio Amateurs, Computer Enthusiasts, Golfers, Genealogists, Go-Karting, etc. are just a few of the activities enjoyed by members.

Members' families: the Association welcomes and encourages involvement of spouses, partners and children.

Social Events are enjoyed at local (Branch) level to establish and maintain bonds of friendship and camaraderie


IPA Houses have been established in a number of countries for the benefit of members and their families. For full information and contact details, visit our IPA House site at or contact your own National Section

Gimborn Castle, in Germany, is known as the Flagship of the International Police Association. It is the IPA's International Conference Centre where seminars, conferences and meetings are held. 

More information about and the seminars held can be found by following this link

The International Youth Holiday Program is the exchange or hosting of sons and daughters of IPA members. It enables the young person to experience another culture and gain the opportunity to further their educational and cultural experience in the safety of the family circle. 

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IPA families and social events

International Youth Gatherings are hosted annually by different Sections, inviting 15 - 17 year olds, in groups of around 50 participants. Sons and daughters of members enjoy a special theme, with activities to encourage an 'international spirit'. 

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National journals, magazines or newsletters are produced by most Sections for distribution to their members and contain information and articles on IPA activities.

The International Administration Centre publishes a monthly newsletter for all National Sections. A number of articles from the newsletter are reproduced within this site on the ISG News page.

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