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IYG - International Youth Gathering

Every year young people from around the world,  children and grandchildren of IPA membersof IPA members, are invited to visit another country and participate in an event that many will never forget - the IPA's International Youth Gathering (IYG).

United Kingdom, 06.-19.08.2017

IYG 2018

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For the participants it is an opportunity to experience travel to another country and to meet people of a similar age from different cultures and backgrounds whilst gaining a deeper knowledge of the history, social character, nature and family life of the hosting country.

The International Youth Gathering programme conforms to the international spirit and aims of the International Police Association.

Participants at 2003 IYG - Finland

Participation in the programme is open to the children or grandchildren of current IPA members. IYG participants must have reached 16 years but not have exceeded 18 years at the start of the IYG - this is to make it easier for the Organising Section to produce an interesting and instructive programme for participants of a similar age group.

Young people at an IYG will be permitted without distinction as to sex, race, colour, language or religion.

Recent and future IYG's

2001  Great Britain  
2002  Hungary  
2003  Finland  
2004  Ukraine  
2005  Romania  
2006  New Zealand  
2007  Cyprus  
2008  Australia  
2009  Israel  
2010  Hungary  
2011  Ireland  
2012  Czech Republic  
2013  Switzerland  
2014  France  
2015  Spain (Barcelona)  
2016  USA  
2017  South Africa  
2018  United Kingdom Link


Male participants at 2006 IYG learning the
Maouri 'Haka'

IYG 2004 - Ukraine

Organising an IYG

National Sections who wish to arrange IYGs will forward a written application to the International Secretary General not later than 90 days before the commencement of a World Congress or IEC Meeting<.  IEC approval is required at least twelve months prior to the proposed Gathering.

The International Secretary General will present the application to the IEB and if accepted, present the application as a proposal from the IEB to the next World Congress or IEC Meeting.

Further information is available for National Sections by contacting the


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