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Meeting of the External Relations Commission in Vienna

Alexey Gankin, Chair of the External Relations Commission

Dated 13-06-2017

The IPA External Relations Commission (ERC) meeting, chaired by Alexey Gankin was held in Vienna, Austria, from 6-9 April 2017.
Andreas Niesser, with support of the executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria, took good care of all participants, and we would like to express our thanks to him for his efforts and hospitality. We would also like to congratulate Martin Hoffmann, President of IPA Austria on his recent election.
Alexey Gankin opened the meeting with a short initial speech and voiced his hope for creative work of the Commission present as follows:
Alexey Gankin
ERC Chair
Sofya Delaporta
ERC Secretary
Alex Sosnin
ERC Legal Advisor & IPA Rep. at the CoE (Strasbourg)
Jared O. Ojuok
IPA Representative at the at the UNON (Nairobi)
Andreas Niesser
IPA Representative at the UNOV (Vienna)
Judy Duff
IPA Representative at the OAS (Washington)
All ERC members introduced themselves and confirmed their readiness to work for the benefit of the IPA. Subsequently, the attendees approved the operating procedures and practical arrangements pertaining to the functioning of the commission.
A. Gankin presented the strategy of further work & development of the commission and the new prospects of this strategy, which had become available due to the upgraded IPA status in a number of International Organisations. He also indicated the new prospective lines of IPA cooperation with International Organisations and introduced the main strategic projects focused on further enhancing the IPA external relation development. Furthermore, he presented the smart data pertaining to the main trends of further development of the IPA ERC international cooperation strategy.
Following this, the ERC took part in a meeting with Mr. Gogolashvili, Chief of Protocol of the UNOV, who briefed everyone on the mission and objectives of the UN Office in Vienna. Mr. Gankin was advised that all discussions had been very productive and Mr. Gogolashvili had been pleased to receive the high level delegation of the International Police Association.
In addition, ERC Members had a meeting with Mirella Dumar-Frahi, Executive Director of UNOV Liaison Department, who expressed an interest in cooperating with our organisation, signing an initial Protocol of Intent and a partnership agreement. She also expressed her willingness to have an initial visit and meetings at IBZ Gimborn for potential cooperation and utilising the site under UN auspices with the call of funds raised for implementation of the UN law enforcement-related training programmes.
The following meeting with Mr. John Brandolino, Executive Director of the UNOV Legal Department was crowned with success as well, resulting in a proposal for future multilateral cooperation with the IPA. This meeting was also attended by T. Murshudlu, Executive Director of the UNOV Law Enforcement Programmes Department.
During all meetings at the UNOV, Mr Gankin informed all attendees about the IPA, its fundamental goals and objectives and tentative projects in the sphere of external relations cooperation. Commemorative IPA medals and souvenirs were presented.
In the main session of the ERC meeting, the commission members discussed questions of the current agenda, including the development of all items of the ERC programme. Regarding the ‘IPA Partner Status’ project, a working group (WG) with the following initial participants was established:

  • Alexey Gankin, WG Chair
  • Wolfgang Gabrutsch, WG Deputy Chair
  • Hong Po Lei, WG Curator of the project for Asia
  • Andreas Niesser, WG Curator of the project for Central Europe
  • Eamon Lynch, WG Curator of the project for Northern Europe
  • Alex Sosnin, WG Curator for the project for Southern Europe
  • Sofya Delaporta, WG Curator for the project for Eastern Europe
  • Jared O. Ojuok, WG Curator of the project for Africa
  • Judy Duff, WG Curator of the project for America and Canada

Finally, we would like to thank everyone involved in the organisation of the ERC meeting. Part of our hearts has been left in beautiful Vienna!

Servo per Amikeco!
Alexey Gankin, Chair of the External Relations Commission


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