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Word of introduction March 2017

Time for Innovation

Dated 27-02-2017

‘No innovation, no future’ was the theme of a conference I attended recently. What a statement for an association like ours! I am 47 and I already think I have been ‘sticking’ around for too long, that it is time to open the door to the young generation, to trust them and let them lead our IPA towards a promising future. I know this will not please some of you, but once again, think about it: Arthur Troop was 36 when the IPA was officially launched! I already mentioned this in one of my previous introductions. I was pleased to read recently that several IPA sections had circulated a message, encouraging young police officers to join the next IPA World Congress, in order to participate and hold a meeting to gather best practice and ideas on how to develop and attract younger members. I am convinced that there is nothing worse than when people hold on to positions for too long and don’t give a chance to the future generation, for innovation to become a central principle in the IPA. It is always nice to recall the memories of the past, but let us recognise that the future is not in our hands. Let’s give a chance for a new sunrise, for new dreams to become reality, and let us encourage those who wish and desire to do this. If we don’t, we will miss the target. The IPA is a living association and needs a permanent adjustment to today’s fast-paced world. What used to take 20 years to change only takes a short time today. Trust the young ones, invite them to participate, to be involved. Listen to them, breathe the fresh air they offer and don’t close the door. Lay back, smile and laugh while the next generation takes over and ensures our future…. I believe that this is the way to go. So dear young colleagues, show up, get involved and share your visions and ideas. We need you. The future does not lie in our past, but in your dreams! Come numerous to our next IPA World Congress and be loud, so that we will hear you!

Servo per Amikeco
Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President


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